Best WordPress Plugins

wordpress-pluginsFor building and managing the websites, WordPress is the excellent platform having user-friendly and seemingly endless functionality. To enhance proficiency of your WordPress websites, best WordPress plugins are available as everything isn’t already the part of built-in themes. Plugins are meant to style and tweak your site in an amazing way. I would like to name here some premium themes for you WP sites which are most relevant to all types of online portals.

Premium Plugins

Flare is excellent plugin to be installed into your website. It is social sharing plugin serves your site accurate with its total share tally feature which really adds value to its usability. For making commenting of your website extremely easier and super convenient, DISQUS is elegant theme to be installed. You won’t be kept away from getting additional exposure and advertising revenue opportunities. What if you want to manage your short codes? One of the best WordPress themes is My Shortcodes. Not only you can manage your short codes very easily but provides you with user-friendly interface to get your job done. Social Count Plus is really a comprehensive social tally widget that doesn’t contain shabby default design options. You will get it one of the most suitable plugins, your site actually needs.

Your site security is crucial to keep it away from hackers. Plugins are not only meant to add functionality to your site but there are ones available to add security to your online web portal. Better WP Security is an excellent theme to make it harder for people to hack your website. It is an excellent widget to secure your website. WordPress gallery has a lot more to show you what you need for your WP sites. You can look get these plugins from official site of WordPress to enjoy all features they’ve brought for you.

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