What is Horsebox Insurance

Horsebox insurance is financial coverage of the trailer horse owners own to transport their beast. This can include a motorized vehicle that transports horses between locations along with horse trailers that can be hitched to other motorized vehicles.

The requirement for minimal coverage is made mandatory by the UK government for any vehicle on the motorways. We have listed typical policy types that are available with horseinboxinsurance

Horsebox Insurance

Types of Typical Horsebox Insurance Policies

Third Party Liability

  • This is minimum requirement required by the government.
  • Covers other parties when there is an accident caused by the driver with the policy.
  • Passengers in both v vehicles involved in the accident have medical bills covered and the driver of the third party vehicle.
  • Repairs to the other vehicle are covered.

Third Party Liability, Fire and Theft

  • This includes the same coverage as basic third party liability
  • The policy holder’s vehicle is covered in two categories
    • If the vehicle is damaged due to fire.
      • This can be at an event, when in storage or during transport.
      • The repairs of physical damage are covered.
    • If the vehicle is stolen.
      • This can be at an event, when in storage or during transport.
      • The repairs of physical damage are covered if the horsebox is recovered.


  • Items covered in third party policies are included in this coverage.
  • The policy holder’s vehicle repairs are covered.
  • The policy holder’s medical bills are covered.

Additional Items that can be added to a Horsebox Insurance Policy

  • Policies that have a limited mileage written in them.
    • This is for horsebox’s that are rarely used.
  • Horse recovery from the scene of a breakdown or accident.
  • Breakdown coverage
    • Emergency roadside assistance
      • Can be at the policy holder’s place of residence.
      • Can include towage of the vehicle for repairs.
    • Can include drivers under the age of 25.
      • In most polices the minimum age of coverage in operating the horsebox is 25.
    • Legal expenses can be covered.
    • Coverage in continental Europe.
    • Windshield coverage
    • Can be made to cover multiple operators
    • Can have an upper limit in monetary coverage.
      • Any amount in the claim above the maximum amount of coverage is not paid out by the insurer.
    • The horse is covered from injuries when the vehicle is involved in an accident.
    • If the horsebox is over 3.5 tonnes require a special policy
      • This requires special HGV or Heavy Goods Vehicles policy
      • Drivers must have appropriate driver’s license to operate the vehicle.
      • Can be made to cover multiple operators

The Most Expensive Type of Horsebox Insurance Coverage

  • Vehicles over 7.5 tonnes

How to Lower Costs Horsebox Insurance Premiums

  • Limit the number of operators.
    • All operators are above the age of 25 and with clean driving records.
  • Limit the annul mileage the horsebox is used.
  • Have a maximum amount of monetary covered the insurer will pay out.
  • Only include items necessary in the coverage.

If there is a backup horsebox or trailer available, breakdown road side assistance can be dropped.